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Saviynt for PeopleSoft

Security Solutions for PeopleSoft by Saviynt

PeopleSoft offers significant out-of-box capabilities to provide solutions for financial processes, human resources, student administration and student financials. PeopleSoft’s core competencies introduce several challenges in ensuring users are provisioned effectively with adequate and appropriate access; always being mindful of access to sensitive HR data (PII), least privilege and the potential for segregation of duty (SOD) conflicts.


Saviynt’s solution for PeopleSoft provides much-needed visibility into user access. The PeopleSoft ruleset comes with risks or toxic combinations of fine-grained entitlements incorporating such items as roles, permission lists, menus, components, pages, User Preferences, etc. to assess entitlements that should not belong to the same user.

Saviynt automates and enables organizations to satisfy compliance requirements by offering a comprehensive, cutting edge capability in all areas of Application GRC including SOD Analysis, Role Engineering & Management, Emergency Access Management, Compliant Provisioning, Access Certification and Transaction Monitoring.


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