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Oracle ERP Cloud

Security Solutions for Oracle ERP by Saviynt

Over the past several years, Oracle has made significant investments in Cloud technologies and is committed to growing their cloud solutions. Their latest ERP Cloud solution has started gaining more and more traction in the marketplace. There are several key distinctions between a cloud-based ERP solution and an on-premise solution.

One of the biggest distinctions being that cloud solutions are much less about tailoring the solution to the organization’s processes, but more about tailoring the process to the ERP solution.

Get Secure with Saviynt

Saviynt’s solution for Oracle ERP Cloud provides much-needed visibility into user access. The ERP Cloud ruleset comes with risks or toxic combinations of fine-grained entitlements incorporating such items as job roles, duty roles, and privileges, etc. to assess entitlements that should not belong to the same user.

What is Oracle ERP Cloud?

The Oracle ERP Cloud provides technologies that streamline business or enterprise resource planning, project management, financial reporting, and supply chain management with its suite of Oracle cloud applications and software, consisting of its financials cloud, risk management cloud, procurement cloud, and project portfolio management cloud.


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