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Achieving Compliance and Maintaining Security in a Fluid Cloud Environment

Recorded on Thursday, November 15, 2018

The rapid pace of digital transformation is driving organizations toward leveraging cloud-based computing environments, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to serve business demand. Today, IT organizations spin-up massive numbers of workloads into disparate cloud environments. Unfortunately, many of these workloads aren’t secure, and privileged access credentials used to manage cloud environments aren’t appropriately governed, causing S3 bucket and data breach incidents.

Unlike traditional on-premises data centers, security and risk standards for cloud are still being established, or don’t exist. Traditional, on-premises risk-mitigating access governance policies and controls can work in cloud-computing environments, but the approach requires a new method that is fit for IaaS environments.

In this webinar, Vibhuti Sinha, CCO at Saviynt, and Eric Ogren, Analyst at 451 discussed how organizations can establish a fit-for-IaaS access governance and security program.

This webinar with Saviynt and 451 Research covered:

  • How to establish a minimum security baseline to achieve continuous compliance and access governance.
  • How to prioritizing access governance controls to ensure all cloud-based applications, servers, data, storage, and network assets are secure.
  • Best-practice recommendations for access control policies that limit privileged users and elevated access accounts to be compromised.


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