Role of Identity Governance and Administration within Healthcare

How IGA Solves the Healthcare Industry’s Security Needs


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The digital transformation within the healthcare industry continues at an incredible pace. The migration from paper to electronic health records and the adoption of SaaS services is allowing the industry to reshape itself and provide patients with a higher standard of care. The industry has a lot of catching up to do, regarding the sophistication of the security inputs in place to protect patient data.

Whether an organization uses Epic, or another healthcare application or platform, an individual’s identity now serves as organization’s new perimeter. Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions help organizations:

  • manage the lifecycle of digital identities and access rights across multiple applications and systems;
  • secure patient data, improve risk management and provide users with access to the data when and how they need it; and
  • satisfy compliance and regulatory standards without imposing administratively burdensome tasks on healthcare workers or patients.