Identity Governance for Tomorrow’s Enterprise

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is need now more than ever


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With the increased adoption of cloud, mobile, and big data technologies, critical data is crossing organizational boundaries and security teams are grappling to understand “Who has access to what?” and “What are the users doing with that access?” A recent study found that 29% of data breaches were caused either accidentally or maliciously by employees, making them the weakest link in the entire security puzzle.

Saviynt delivers the next-generation comprehensive, modular, and integrated Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform that helps organizations:

  • protect their critical assets
  • improve risk management
  • protect against cyber and security threats
  • meet compliance mandates
  • embrace new technologies with confidence

The solution is risk-based and intelligent, driven by data analytics to manage business processes more effectively and efficiently no matter where organizations critical assets reside, in the cloud or within the enterprise.