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Identity Governance and Administration

Enabling Digital Transformation with Identity 3.0

Embracing digitalization positions enterprises for future growth, customer retention and improved operations. However, modernizing the organization’s business processes creates data security issues as new cloud enablements increase data access points, users, and privileged accounts. Meeting modern needs requires modern Identity Governance and Administration solutions which not only enable cloud, hybrid, and on premises security but provide a secure solution.

Moreover, with data breaches increasing in severity and number, governments and industry organizations continue to change compliance requirements to force companies to provide documentation over their cybersecurity program governance. Continuous monitoring over internal information security controls as well as third-party business partners, including applications and cloud ERP solutions, also acts as a barrier to IT modernization. A comprehensive Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that can accelerate and enable cloud migration should:

  • Meet customer expectations with a secure, cloud-based solution
  • Effectively monitor the digital threat landscape to mitigate cybersecurity risk
  • Ensure financial, reputation, and operations risk mitigation
  • Meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements governing data privacy and security
  • Evaluate & protect:
    • Access to sensitive customer data
    • Financial data & transactional processes


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