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Legacy Modernization for the University Population

Institutions of higher education have some of the most complex, overlapping identities of any vertical.  With a highly demanding and often exceptionally technically fluent customer base, delivering exceptional customer service means staying abreast of technical capabilities and channels. These factors drove this university in the Midwestern United States to pursue modernization of its ecosystem.  

With over 12,000 students, numerous applications, and an out-of-date infrastructure, taking on modernization was no simple task. This university pursued modernization, identity unification, and application automation to provide a better customer experience for their students, staff, faculty and alumni.  


Saviynt’s cloud-native, cloud-architected solution converges identity governance with application access risk, data governance, cloud security and cloud privileged access. It enables institutions of higher education to manage their diverse user population with a single identity per user, enabling lifecycle automation, enforcement of security policies and out-of-the-box continuous compliance controls. 

Saviynt’s comprehensive offering utilizes advanced analytics to help define roles and identify access anomalies within an ecosystem. Read this University success study to see how Saviynt’s intelligent identity helped enable their smarter security and better experiences.


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