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Cloud PAM for Robust Cloud Security

Why Saviynt? Assured Compliance-As-a-Service

Digital transformation technologies empower businesses but also create new risks to which the enterprises must respond. Not only do they still require IT administrators to manage multiple sources of information, they lack visibility into a primary privacy and security threat - Privileged Access. Connecting legacy solutions to the cloud differs from having cloud-native capabilities. Legacy solutions take time to connect to the cloud, but they do not live in the cloud. Therefore, they lack the ability to meet the velocity and elasticity of cloud activities.   

Governing cloud identity requires proactive strategies that bring together all information about data access and use in a single location to streamline both business operations and compliance management.

In this white paper, discover how Saviynt’s Cloud PAM solution revolutionizes Privileged Access Management for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud architectures by: 

  • Providing a cloud-native solution that meets the elasticity and velocity of the cloud
  • Enabling you to create a single user ID for users that manages standard business and privileged access in the cloud
  • Continuously monitoring for new risks
  • Discovering new workloads/instances/containers/
  • Automating segregation of duties (SOD) control using peer- and usage-based analytics
  • Automating the access lifecycle of users, groups, roles and federated access point


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